The agency cooperates with “Social Discovery Ventures”, 589 8th Avenue, New York, NY 10018 USA and consequently, create profile(s) in the social network websites that Social Discovery Ventures administrates. There is a platform of the following “brand names”:,,,,,,, etc.
More info about the following web-sites are posted on the main site


Profile creation

  1. For a lady’s-model’s profile to be placed on the site she must be at least 18 years old.

  2. Ladies’-Models’ registration on the web-site is possible only with a color scan copy of the national passport or identity card. *This rule is active for ladies registered after 1st of January 2016. Before 1st of January 2016, ladies don’t need to provide any document.

  3. Ladies’-Models’ registration on the site is possible only with a signed agreement (Profile Creation and Model Photo-shooting Agreement. *This rule is active for ladies registered after 1st of January 2016. Before 1st of January 2016, ladies don’t need to sign the agreement.

  4. The Lady-Model accepts that this is a five-year lasting agreement and the five (5) years start right after both parties have accepted the present agreement or after creating the registration video where the Lady-Model agrees with the rules of collaboration.

  5. The Lady-Model should be single, marital status: not married / divorced / widow. Married ladies cannot register on the web site.

  6. The Lady-Model should not be found on any scam-list.

  7. The Lady-Model should not request any material help from clients of the company through the services, and also out of the website services If the Lady has been found to be asking for material help the Lady’s profile will be deleted with “Scammer” comment. The sum of all chargebacks (bid protest procedure and return to the payer the amount of all transactions conducted on the site), demanded by customers, will be deducted from the balance of the Agency and the Lady will reimburse the agency with this amount.

  8. The Lady’s-Model’s should state the level of her English knowledge:

    1. Beginner: Lady can understand language which is used in everyday situations if the speaker speaks slowly and clearly, she can make simple sentences and reply to simple questions (understands and writes basic text).

    2. Intermediate: Lady can speak English with some confidence, she can take part in routine conversations, write and understand simple written text, make notes.

    3. Advanced: Lady can use English in a range of culturally appropriate ways, she is able to take part in lengthy conversations and discussions, write and understand most text including formal, academic and professional documents.

    4. Fluent: Lady can use English with ease and fluency, she is able to speak the language fluently and without hesitation, grasp complicated ideas and to explain them with the same ability that she can in her native language; hold meaningful conversations on all levels and be understood easily by all native speakers of the language-including using colloquialisms and common cultural expressions.

  9. The agency is generally obliged to cover by its own expenses:

    1. The make-up (both materially and the personnel) needed for all photo-shooting and video-making activities which are required for profile creation.

    2. The photographic and video-making personnel and equipment.

    3. The accommodation and reasonable F & B (Food & Beverage) for all photo-shooting and video-making activities out of the area of residence of the Lady-Model.

  10. Any breakage of the agreements shall result in the model’s responsibility to reimburse the agency. The minimum amount of the reimbursement is mutually agreed to be five thousand euros (€ 5.000,00) and the agency shall have to right to proceed legally towards the respective Court of Justice.

  11. It is expressly understood and fully agreed that between the lady-model and the agent, there is no employer – employee relationship or clause, that each party has its own tax and insurance responsibilities on the country that is located (agency) or residing (the Lady-Model) and that no party shall intervene or lie any responsibility with the other party’s legal tax or insurance or any other State related obligation. There shall be absolutely no payment from the agency to the Lady-Model for the whole process.

  12. It is commonly agreed by both parties that prior to any legal, judicial or extra-judicial action towards the respective Courts and State Authorities of the Republic of Bulgaria, any party that raises a complaint of breach of the present contractual agreement, is obliged firstly to give official notice through e-mail to the other party and request a friendly settlement of the dispute.

Rules of collaboration

  1. Lady’s-Model’s profile is activated on the site only after administrator of the group of the web sites checked lady’s personal background.

  2. Site administrator has a right to contact a lady to verify her personal information.

  3. Lady’s-Model’s profile should be automatically connected to the service “Flowers and gifts delivery” and “Automatic presentation” when placed on the site.

  4. If after the lady was activated on the group of the web sites, the photos of the lady-model with her boyfriend or husband are found in social networks, a write off equal to 5.000,00 euros will be assigned to the lady’s-model’s account and the agency will ask this amount as reimbursement.

  5. The Lady-Model agrees that all the photo and video materials that have been created by the agency either separately or together, either wholly or in part, are perpetually and irrevocably and with unrestricted rightfully owned by the agency to use and publish video and / or photographs of the model. The use of the material mentioned above include editorial trade, product advertising and such other fashion / business purpose in any manner and medium.

  6. It is guaranteed and provided by the agency that the lady’s-model’s name is not mentioned in connection with any other statement or wording which may be attributed to the model personally and the model undertakes not to prosecute or to institute proceedings, claims or demands against the agency in respect of any usage of the above-mentioned photographs done under the described use in profiles.

  7. The agency guarantees and facilitates the lady’s-model’s communication and correspondence through the web-site and in case of the model’s incapacity to communicate, can undertake the task to help & assist her profile, in order to be active on the web-sites.

  8. The lady-model also states that hereby to release the director of the agency from all claims and liability relating to images, video or photographs taken of her.  

  9. Also, the lady-model shall be available for meetings with customers of the social network websites that Social Discovery Ventures administrates, always in public places, always with transportation services provided by the agent and always (when needed) with translation services provided by the agency.

  10. For every question or issue that the lady-model requires answer or clarifications by the agent, the latter is deemed to respond within one (1) full working day of twenty-four (24) hours and vice versa when the question or issue arises from the agent. All communication correspondence between the agency and the lady-model shall be through e-mail address.